Treasured Prints Photography introduces On*Site Event photography that provides photography service for any event, edits and stores the photos online and enables access to share and create memorabilia either digitally or with prints in 2011.


The purpose of the company was to provide clients the ability to enjoy their events they spent hours and days creating, while having a professional natural light photographer capture the highlight moments with out the fuss of asking friends or family for the photos on their phones or hiring a costly professional. By providing this service our clients can not only access the memories from their events but also share these moments with friends and family across the globe online.


Offering a quick 24-48 hour turn around on all edited digital work, the ability to download the photos unlimitedly for a year and share the photos with friends and family anywhere who has access to the internet.


Often times hiring a professional photographer can be costly and access to the photos can take days or weeks. Treasured Prints solves that problem by providing an hourly base rate that gives you access to over 60 edited digital photos per booked hour with our team!


We believe professional photography should be affordable, quick and accessible to friends and family for any event or studio photo shoot!


Welcome to Treasured Prints Photography!!!