How do I know if my on*location booking is confirmed with your team?
You will receive a confirmation through your email communication from our calendar. Once you receive that confirmation, accept it. Then we will email or call you 24-48 hours before your event with a friendly reminder and provide the photographer/videographer information for on*location. If you do not receive a confirmation or you receive a call of cancellation from our team you do not have a confirmed booking. Call or email us immediately.
What if my location requires a permit or licensing for photography/Image videography?
It is the responsibility of the client to obtain all permits or licensing for the location of the event. We validate all locations and if we do not receive this information from the client about a valid permit or license, the event will be cancelled immediately (Call us for further information about the permit/licensing process, if your location requests).
What does the photo include?
1 photographer (you may have multiple photographers, ask us if needed)
Fully Edited photos with a minimum of 40 photos per hour 
Unlimited digital image download for a year at JPEG resolution
Sharable with friends and family, they too can download these images.
24-48 hour turn around
Personal Portfolio 
Full rights to the images
Option to order prints online on our store, we offer a wide arrange of items from cups to prints at a low cost (this is optional, you can have these prints done anywhere, you own the digital copies)
How long can I access my portfolio and share with friends and family?
One year from date of shoot. 
How long before I receive my edited photos?
24-48 hour turn around on all photos. After payment received and event has concluded. 
How and when do I pay?
You will be sent an invoice to book your session online for on*location, there you can pay your total or you may pay your photographer on the day of your shoot (There is a 50% deposit of all on*location events at the time of booking). You may pay your final payment before the event through an online invoice or directly to your photographer. Photographers accept credit or check. Cash may be accepted, but we do not carry change and will not provide change.
Do you offer prints?
Yes, we do! In fact, we have an entire online store. You can access our store, once you have been sent your portfolio of photos. The really cool thing, there is no obligation to order from us and you have a year to decide if you want too. If you would rather take your high jpeg resolution digital prints to your local retailer, through another online store or event print at your own home, you may, you have full rights to all your digital photos for a year.
Can I cancel my shoot?
You may change or cancel your confirmed reservation up to 72 hours (3 days) before your shoot with out a charge. Cancellations after 72 hours will be charged a cancellation fee. 
What format are my photos?
​How many photos and may we receive the unedited photos?
You will receive a minimum of 40 edited photos per hour our team is booked. We do not provide unedited photos.
Who owns the rights to all the photos/video?
You do. We do.
You own all your photos and Treasured Prints reserves the rights to use your photos.
When you participate in a Treasured Prints booking you must agree to the disclaimer. See Disclaimer here.
Treasured Prints owns the photos and videos and can use them for any purpose, but wonʼt give rights to others to use them. You may use the photos for your own personal purposes, including personal business purposes.
Disclaimer for complete details.

 Email us: Contact@treasuredprints.com,  if you have additional questions or comments.